Steven Ralston, CFA

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I believe that the financial markets,
though appearing to some to exhibit apparent randomness,
are in effect dynamic systems that, from time to time,
exhibit certain regularities or periods where prices conform to unifying principles.

My mission is to detect and analyze those observed periods of structure
and then to develop methods, primarily expert systems,
to take advantage of future similar opportunities.
Going forward, I vigilantly monitor the markets for analogous regularities and
capitalize on them. With this focus,
investment opportunities become comprehensible, manageable, and reliable.

I have developed a disciplined multi-dimensional investment process
that blends fundamental, quantitative and technical analysis.
Each dimension is developed through the combination of insights gained through
many years of structured investment experience, a fluid process of empirical analysis
and a rigid method of historical back testing. I focus on specialized stock market,
individual company/stock and seasonal commodity processes that repeat over time
and that exhibit exceptionally positively skewed risk/reward attributes.